Simple Site Security for All!

  • Sunday, 16th October, 2016
  • 06:39am

Today, more than ever, security is a number one priority for not only businesses but also consumers! With the advent of many national hacks and personal data being breeched, everyone is keeping an eye on the security of data.

Today, Nerotech Solutions officially announces that for all websites hosted on our servers, a FREE Domain-Validated SSL Certificate will be provided! This means that your visitors and customers can rest assured knowing that you take their security seriously!

Previously, SSL Certificates were required and difficult to manage and install. Today, Nerotech Solutions has streamlined the process to automatically procure, install, and manage an SSL certificate for your website! We highly recommend updating your site to prefer using the SSL certificate (https://) for all pages to ensure complete security for every visitor!

Don’t know how to make those changes? Contact us today! Our professional services team can get you up and running in no time!

-Matthew Probasco

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