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The NeroArchive DICOM Import Service has crashed and you investigate it by looking in the DICOMImport Log. The log has an error which states something about a property having an invalid length.

Problem: Property: [NAME], Value: [VALUE], Error: "The field [NAME] must be [TYPENAME] type with a [MAXIMUM/MINIMUM] length of [LENGTH].


This error indicates that the DICOM File in the import queue contains a DICOM Tag with an invalid value, or a value which is against the DICOM Standard. As such, the archive is unable to process and import the file and it fails or crashes.

To allow the Import Service to continue running:

  1. Move the file in question from the import folder to another directory.
  2. Copy the DICOM Import Log file to the same directory.
  3. Zip the directory.
  4. Restart the DICOM Import Service.

 Once the DICOM Import Service is running again, you may open a support ticket with Nerotech Solutions and attach the Zip file you created in step 4 above. Nerotech Solutions Support personnel will evaluate the file and logs to see if there is any need for a software change. 

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